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Circular Economy for Productivity and Sustainability

The Circular Economy for Productivity and Sustainability Benefits developed and developing countries Despite the focus on technical solutions, both the academic literature, gray literature, and relevant reports suggest that the circular economy approaches could bring...

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Textiles and Clothing Circular Economy

Trends on textiles and clothing circular economy Essential consumer goods industry In designing the transition towards the circular economy, one has to bear in mind that the process haven't been standardized and the policies making the circular economy more...

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EU Circular Economy

The EU Circular Economy Action Plan What is Europe doing? EU Circular Economy Action Plan was published in 2015 by the European Commission. It includes measures to estimulate Europe's transition towards a circular economy, boost global competitiveness, foster...

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Plastic Circular Economy

Plastic Circular Economy: can plastics be circular?Plastics as secondary raw material? Plastics can have a vast ammount of diverse chemical and mechanical properties, because of this, their applicability is infinite. Therefore, vast amounts are produced and used...

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Circular Economy

Circular Economy: the concept that will save the world What is circular economy? There is a good expression that defines the consumption model that the world has been using: take-make-use-dispose. Lately, a new concept of industrial model has entered the highlights, a...

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Green Technology

Green Technology: the next generation products. What is Green Technology? Green technology refers to circular, non-toxic, biodegradable, biobased and all sorts of environmental friendly set of methodologies, materials, procedures and products. Current expectation is...

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